Aims & Objectives:

The main Aim of this program is to provide day care to the children under the age of five and to develop them holistically to become a healthy and responsible citizen .


This main Aim includes the following Objectives in specific:

1. To help the poor working mothers by providing day care for their children while they are at work. 2. To meet the needs of the physical, emotional, mental and social growth and Development of the children who would be under our care. 3. To provide them nutritional supplement and train them in the basic education through informal but planned syllabus. 4. To prepare them to go and quaint with the formal education when they are six years old. 5. To help, assist and guide the parents in getting them admitted in the formal school at the right age


Activities will be carried out:

1. Establishing and conducting the day care and development center. 2. Providing all the facilities like feeding, educating, recreating, counseling, teaching and medically treating towards their proper growth and adequate holistic development, necessary helps, assist and guidance to the needy children. 3. Preparing and evaluating their growth and development 4. Organizing and conducting parents meeting 5. Rapport with the schools


Target Group and Number:

• Group: Under five Children of both sexes. • Number: Selected 50 Children in 2 groups • At present we have around 20 children